Best Baby Safety Helmets

It’s normal for your baby to get bumps and bruises every once in a while as they’re learning to walk and crawl. However, in a world of hard floors and cabinets, your baby’s world can turn upside down in a flash! Imagine if you were the size of your baby and you get down on your hands and knees and look around. You’ll see all kinds of hard things and dangerous corners. That’s why we recommend using a Baby Safety Helmet. We’ve researched Baby Helmets online and share reviews on this site or you can Skip To The Best Baby Safety Helmet on Amazon.

PONML Baby Safety Helmet

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Thudguard Baby Safety Helmet

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Thudguard® – Infant Safety Helmet

  • Comfortable stretchy circumference band allows for growth and holes for ventilation
  • ½ inch thick impact tested protective foam to absorb the severity of bumps and thuds
  • Ultra lightweight materials avoid pressure on developing neck muscles
  • Thudguard is medically endorsed and supported by experts
  • Promotes early helmet wearing habits

The Thudguard helmet is ideal for babies who are still less than sure-footed when developing their newfound mobility. Learning to walk on hardwood floors, tiles, patios or near hard furniture can cause painful accidents. The helmet is lightweight, sturdy and comfortable plus has been impact tested and endorsed by emergency and medical experts. The Thudguard hat is designed to absorb and reduce the impact of head injury due to fall or collision from a child’s own height. It has an adjustable soft elastic chinstrap and is made of ultra lightweight foam and materials to avoid pressure on developing neck muscles. .75 inch thick impact tested foam to absorb severity from bumps. A comfortable stretchy circumference band allows for growth and holes and air channels on inside of helmet for ventilation. One size fits all. Helmet design eliminates the need for sizes S/M/L. (16″ circumference plus 4″ provided by stretchy band.)

Simplicity Baby Safety Helmet:

  • Protects baby’s head from bumps and bruises while learning to walk
  • Designed for maximum shock absorption and impact resistance
  • Covered in a lightweight and breathable cotton/polyester blend material in your choice of three adorable cartoon prints
  • Soft, comfy, and breathable to help baby want to keep it on with a secure chin strap tie to ensure that it stays in place
  • Width can be adjusted between 18.8″ and 22″ in circumference – grows with your baby/toddler to ensure your child stays safe as they begin to climb, stand, and explore

Designed to cushion baby’s head from everyday bumps & bruises as they begin to sit, crawl around, pull themselves up to stand, and even begin walking and climbing. Perfect for protecting babies and toddlers as they become more and more mobile – also great for special needs children allowing them the freedom to move around and play with a reduced risk of injury. Enjoy peace of mind while your little one wanders, knowing they’re safe from tumbles and falls. Top quality lightweight & breathable cotton – Washable.

SINNAYEO – Baby Safety Helmet

  • Use age: 6 months or more
  • 3D Mesh (Polyester) Cotton

PONML Adjustable Safety Infant Baby Helmet:

  • 3D Mesh (Polyester) Cotton
  • Use age: 6 months or more


You never know when you’re baby might fall and bonk their head. Hopefully these suggestions help you to choose the perfect Baby Safety Helmet for your little one.